Using the most advanced termite stations on the market, placed around the perimeter of your home, ensures affordable and effective termite control. This option will also put in place a transferrable termite bond on the property. 

Advantages of using baiting stations:

  • No digging, trenching, or drilling

  • Installs in about an hour vs all day chemical barrier installation

  • Perpetual control vs chemical barries that degrade over time

Subterranean Termite Bait Stations
Drywood Termites



Expensive and time consuming tent fumigation should be the option of last resort with drywood termites. More often, control of these insects can be achieved with spot treatments to affected areas with minimal inconvenience and cost. A thorough evaluation of the property is conducted to ensure the right treatment option is being selected and used.


Termidor Perimeter 

Termidor is a non-repellent termiticide, meaning termites unknowingly pass through the chemical. Since the termites cannot detect the chemical, they pass through it and subsequently pass it along to other colony members, until the colony is destroyed.

For treatments, a trench 6 inches deep is dug around the perimeter of the property and filled with Termidor solution to percolate down along the foundation. Comes with a 5 year warranty.

Temidor Certified Professional