Pest Control Education

We Foster Education

Our associates receive 2-3 times the annual training as most competitors. In fact, most of our technicians have dual licensure as a home inspector & a pest control technician.

Honest Pest Control Services

With us, you won’t get slick marketing gimmicks designed to separate you from your money. You get honest work for a fair price. No gimmicks, no threats of imminent doom and no fine print. If we find a problem, we’ll make sure you understand what you have, why you have it and we’ll provide a solution to fix it that serves your best interest.

We Practice Honesty

We Get Down and Dirty

We Work Hard for Our Clients

Our associates don’t show up in ties and polished shoes because they are not there to sell you something you probably don’t need. While we will show up in uniforms which were laundered when we put them on, we’ll probably have a little dust/mud on us. We go where bugs go and that means we generally get a little dirty. We think you will understand that a dirty technician is probably a dedicated technician. We think that is what you pay us for so please pardon us if we appear a little dusty at times. We can’t figure out how those guys in the TV commercials always stay so clean, with neatly pressed shirts and ties; guess they just don’t go where the bugs go.