The 360AdvantagePlan rewards homeowners with well-maintained homes. Controlling general household pests and termites is a collaborative effort.  If you are a responsible homeowner who maintains landscaping, irrigation, & general exterior maintenance, you should be rewarded with lower pest/termite costs.  Most pest control companies do not give you the same consideration; you help pay for the customers who do not. 

Our 360AdvantagePlan covers your home against infestation for general household pests (cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, house ants, and indoor spiders), eastern subterranean termites and drywood termites. ALL THIS IS COVERED IN THIS 1 PLAN!


Here is how our plan works for you: 

  1. Upon acceptance of our contract, we schedule an initial treatment.  If you are buying the home, we schedule the treatment before you move in.

  2. Our Associate Certified Entomologist will develop a treatment plan designed just for your home.

  3. We will completely treat the interior and exterior of your home for general pests.

  4. We will install the Dow Sentricon® for eastern subterranean termites based on the risk factor of your home.  

  5. We will thoroughly inspect the attic and eaves for evidence of drywood termites and treat any suspected areas.  We will inspect the attic and eaves on subsequent service visits every 6 months for any sign of activity.  If found, we will treat any infested/suspect areas.

  6. Annually, we will treat the interior and exterior of your home at 6-month intervals.  

  7. We will inspect your home for termites with each visit.  Most termite plans only provide for annual inspections.  With us, your home is inspected twice as often.  The secret to controlling termites is a thorough inspection by a qualified inspector.

  8. We will provide you with a Repair and Retreatment Guarantee which will cover the cost of retreatment and any structural repair necessary if your home is damaged by termites.  See contract for terms and conditions.